Carriers of Food Loads will be Affected by the New FDA Regulations

Carriers of Food Loads will be Affected by the New FDA Regulations

In 2016, a new regulation in regard to the sanitary transportation of food was forged ahead by the Food and Drug Administration. In accordance with the FDA, large carriers will be forced to meet the mandate before April 2017, while smaller ones will have until April 2018. The FDA describes companies that operate with over than 500 employees working at full time as large carriers.

Though, this regulation may not correspond to carriers’ reality. According to OOIDA’s security operation director, Doug Morris, the majority of brokers or dispatchers will avoid offering cargos to carriers who doesn´t comply the new requirements by April of this year, independently of the carrier’s company size.

Morris believes that shippers won´t lose their time asking to companies if they are small or big and when the time comes on April they will only be interested if the company complies or not with mandate. Dispatchers and brokers will expect that every carrier should meet the mandate by that time.  

The carrier’s requisites shall comprise documented training that affords knowledge about basic sanitary habits, carrier duties under the rule, and eventual food safety issues that may happen with the transported load.


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