Can you Imagine Washing your Truck and Trailer in Less than 10 Minutes

Can you Imagine Washing your Truck and Trailer in Less than 10 Minutes

The Wash-Bots of Bitimec are an advanced and revolutionary power brush system developed to wash and clean vehicles in-house, such as trucks, in a record time, helping fleet companies to maintain and promote a great image for their companies thorough their clean vehicles at anytime.


Only one operator is necessary to handle the system functions and to operate the mechanism for cleaning up a truck. He will apply a presoak for one lap around the truck and then provide a friction wash and finally rinse it.


The Wash-Bots are available in electric gasoline or diesel power. The model A-225-EZ is a portable vehicle washing machine on wheels. It has a diesel engine powered by Kohler-Lombardini 6.8HP and it is  a great option for working 24/7. It has two controls and each one has a brush-wash, water, brush tilting and push-button soap functions.


Vans and buses can be washed in just a few minutes. A 53' trailer can be washed in only 8 minutes. The company assures that 30 trailers can be wash by only one charge of battery-powered equipment, saving money, soap, water and manpower.


Bitimec Wash-Bots occupies a space of about 14 square feet and includes the following features:


  • Twin controls - highly maneuverable and better results
  • Brush inclination system - which washes better
  • Diesel engine: Kohler Lombardini 6.8HP
  • Central traction wheel (patented) and caster wheels with double grease nipples and bearings
  • 112 gallon water tank of Fresh water for washing and rinsing (able to wash 6+ cars/SUVs)
  • Stainless steel chassis –with lifetime guarantee anti weld failure and corrosion
  • Separate 13 gallon presoak tank: Presoak/Soap
  • Improved all-closed-pore-foam brush – Brush Fibers 

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