Can a Truck Driver Suffer from POIS After an Orgasm?

Can a Truck Driver Suffer from POIS After an Orgasm?

Yes, truckers’ friends. Getting sick after an orgasm is a rare syndrome that affects only men and causes a bad physical condition. Orgasm is the high point of a sexual encounter and both people involved at that moment want to reach it. Therefore, feeling bad after an orgasm is very frustrating, as well as worrisome.

Any truck driver could be affected by this syndrome called POIS (Post Orgasmic Disease Syndrome). The symptoms that a man affected by the syndrome could experience would be:

- Muscle pains

- Clumsiness by doing simple activities such as speaking, writing or reading.

- Headaches

- Diarrhea

The symptoms can be temporary, lasting only a few minutes or be more powerful, lasting hours and affecting your driving on the road. Feeling this discomfort is the opposite of what a man seeks with sex and especially with an orgasm. At the moment there are no treatments for this strange syndrome.

To date, only 200 people have been diagnosed with POIS worldwide and few specialists are studying this syndrome in depth, which was first described and detected in 2002. Its cause is still unknown, but there are different hypotheses, such as, for example, an allergy to semen or even an excess of release of the hormone of pleasure and happiness, dopamine.

Truckers, since no man is free from this syndrome, pay attention to any different reaction and discomfort they may experience after sexual intercourse and orgasm. Check with your doctor if you have these symptoms.


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