California Truck Emissions Regulations Are More Rigorous

California Truck Emissions Regulations Are More Rigorous

That’s the goal of the state of California, which is pushing forward legislative measures. Four California state senators, Nancy Skinner, Bob Wiechowski, Ricardo Lara and Richard Pan, requested a considerable increase of $1 billion in the state funding in order to further decrease emissions, from buses and trucks, in California.

The legislators affirm that it is necessary to use this funding to enhance the quality of air and diminish the toxic emissions generated by diesel trucks and buses in the freight corridors, ports and also schools. This funding for the Carbon Cap and Trade program is 3 times bigger than last year’s amount of funds utilized and will be used to have cleaner buses and truckers.

Moreover, the state will receive about $423 million related to part of the emissions agreement with the German automaker, Volkswagen. An agreement that was the result of the emissions standards problems detected with the passenger cars during a normal usage of the vehicle and weren’t found during the tests. This money will be assigned in projects to decrease emission of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and relieve the exorbitant NOx produced by diesel Volkswagen cars in California.


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