California Proceeds with its own Emissions Regulation

California Proceeds with its own Emissions Regulation

California gets the green light with the Phase 2 of its GHG regulation related to trucks. This rule was designed to be in line with federal regulation released in 2016, regardless of the destiny of the United States regulation. 

Last February, during a workshop in Sacramento, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) presented information about the further actions of the state as well as projecting a final regulation by August. There will be a comment period during September, and then in October the CARB members will do a ratification vote.

This uniformity between state and federal rules will contribute to match the different standards of truck manufacturing across the United States. What CARB considers important is to have federal and state regulation aligned, even though there may be possible changes in the future on the federal rule.

In the workshop, CARB assured that even if the federal Phase 2 is cancelled, the California Air Resources Board rule will remain in force. Phase 2 had an important priority under the Obama Administration however the Trump Administration has yet to have a discussion regarding it.

An essential part of CARB regulation is that equipment suppliers must present their designs for engine or vehicle certification to CARB and EPA. 


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