Benefits of sleeping on the left side of your body

Benefits of sleeping on the left side of your body

Truckers, it is important when you seek rest to try and sleep on the left side of your body because it stimulates the health of many organs, improves circulation, and digestion.

For a long time, Oriental Medicine has recommended sleeping on the left side of the body; now a recently published study in The Journal of    Clinical Gastroenterology has proved it.

  1. Promotes proper lymphatic drainage. When sleeping on the left side you are going with the natural flow, because it is the dominant side of the lymphatic system. This is how we drain our systems and the lymph carries important elements such as proteins, metabolites, glucose, and other elements to be filtered by the lymph nodes.
  2. Anatomical reasons. Both the stomach and the pancreas are located on the left side of the body. Sleeping on that side helps properly promote digestion; it is a way to channel the gastric juices, and allow pancreatic enzymes to be secreted easily. All of this is able to get done in more relaxed way, as apposed to all at once, which happens when sleeping on the right side.
  3. For the sake of your heart. The study states 80% of your heart is on the left side of the body and, by sleeping on the left side, we favor its health in a simple and natural way. For the lymphatic system, it is easier to drain in this position. If we sleep on the left side our heart will pump in a more simple and optimal way, boosting blood flow more easily. Are we taking note, truckers?
  4. Are you one of those people who enjoys taking a nap? If you are someone who always takes a nap or one of those forced to take one after eating while traveling with your truck, always remember to sleep on the left side in order to favor digestion. You will wake up with a clearer head, without fatigue, and no bellyache; you will be ready to continue your journey.
  5. For the health of your spleen. The spleen, which is also on the left side of the body, is a basic part of the lymphatic system that helps filter the blood and execute proper lymphatic function. If we sleep on the left side our fluids will be directed to the spleen in an easier way, favoring the natural flow of gravity in the body.

Most of our lymphatic system performs its task on the left side. So, truck drivers, for your health we recommend sleeping on the left side. Will you try tonight? ETM


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