Dear loyal friends of this prestigious magazine, I would like to greet all those of you who call me from different states. I am happy to answer all your questions. I want to tell you about a case last week, who took a load from Ontario, CA to Pennsylvania.  

His wife, who is responsible for getting online loads, visited different broker websites and, through a reputable one, found a well-paid load. The broker who attended to her had a very similar name as the same broker she often deals with. She called them, but they were going to pay 30% more than normal, drawing her attention. The cargo was available, but they were not going to give advance fuel and would pay 15 days after the delivery. It was a well paid load, so they decided to take it and wait for the payment.

Her husband picked up the load, delivered it, and spent $2,500 in diesel and $200.00 in scales and toll roads. One of the conditions was to immediately send proof of delivery by fax to an Arizona number.  

After 15 days the broker did not exist anymore, the phones were disconnected, and they did not respond to emails. In other words, my client was robbed.  

Be careful who you make contracts with; there are many frauds out there, such as ways to steal your identity or charges being made in your name. It is easy to obtain carrier identity because this information is public, anyone can copy it. When you look for online loads, make sure it is with honest brokers.  

Some tips to identify if a broker is reputable:
If his name is very similar to another one, but has a comma; period; CORP; LLC; or INC at the end, be careful.
If they say they do not give advance fuel and pay after 15 days, be careful.
If they pay about 30% more than usual or higher, be careful.
If you immediately have to send a Proof of Delivery by fax, be careful.
If the Bill of lading and Rate Confirmation are not in your name, be careful.
If the part where it says how much is paid by the load is erased or stained, be careful.

The best way to protect yourself when you work with new brokers is selling bills, so you won´t need to worry if you get paid. It costs a few points but you will assure your payment. 

If you are a victim of any of these situations, gather all your documents and come see me immediately. Sometimes the time it takes to make your claim is very short.

Is important to make clear copies of all the paperwork they gave you when you pick up and deliver the load.


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