Be Careful: The IRS and Phone Call Frauds

Be Careful: The IRS and Phone Call Frauds

Today was a busy day because my office has received many calls since early this morning from customers with problems related to their taxes. Some arrived without an appointment wanting to present their current IRS problems. I noticed that among my customers there was a comrade who was very worried. When it was his turn, this friend nervously explained to me that he received a call from the IRS; they left a message asking him to immediately return the call.

After interviewing our pal, I asked him to return the call to the IRS. He made the call and I corroborated as the alleged IRS agent threatened him:

Agent: What is your name, address, and social security number?

Trucker: Provided the information.

Agent: My name is Special Agent Oconnor, from the IRS offices in Washington D.C. and my employee number is 46189.

Agent: We have sent you a lot of mail, which you have not answered. We have communicated to you that you have committed fraud and have lied on your tax return in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 and owe $230,000 in taxes. This is a criminal act against the federal government, and we, the IRS, are evaluating to seize your house, your car, your work equipment and your salary. In addition, we will cancel your passport if you are a citizen, so you cannot leave or run away from the country. If you try, you will be arrested and the federal government will send you to prison for at least ten years. If you are not a resident you are going to be deported. In order to stop these actions against you, you need to pay us $2,500 and you can do it with your credit card. I'm ready to write down your credit card number; MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

In that moment I, Gustavo Nunez, decided to step in and identify myself as an Enrolled IRS Agent and gave my Agent number, and asked him to identify himself again. I explained that these are not the IRS procedures and asked for his supervisor’s name and proceeded to tell him that I was recording the conversation, which I would send to the FBI. This guy immediately hangs up the telephone and the communication is terminated.

Be careful. The IRS never calls you by phone or sends any emails to collect. They send correspondence by domestic mail (US Postal Service). If you have any questions you should call Jagg Tax Solution, Inc. at (909) 590-9307. We will gladly analyze your case.


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