Be Attentive to these 5 signs which indicate that your alternator is failing

Be Attentive to these 5 signs which indicate that your alternator is failing

When we drive through a desolate, dark road, and suddenly we see that the battery light is turned on, the first thing that comes to mind is what we should do if our truck stops, we don´t have power so it is impossible to turn on the lights to remain visible, or we are not able to turn on the heating in winter so we run the risk of freezing. To prevent this from happening here we give you the main symptoms to identify when an alternator is starting to fail. Although the alternator is a relatively simple component, it plays an important role in the truck´s operational system.

Panel Battery light.- All trucks built in the last decade have this battery light. The light warns us that there is a problem with the alternator. Many truckers see this light and think that the battery is failing, but in reality it refers to the alternator.

Front lights intensity.- Because the alternator supplies the electricity required by the truck lights to function, you will notice that the alternator is starting to fail when the intensity of the front lights decrease while driving, or when the panel indicators simply stop working for no reason .

Use the view.- It is very important to check that the belt is not too old, broken, teared apart or has become loose through constant use.

Be Attentive to the Sound.- We should always be alert to any unusual sound that we hear when we’re on the road. Before an alternator stops operating it produces a shrill sound. The alternator pulley spins on an axis, and if the pulley is not aligned with the band or the bearings are worn, they may generate noise.

Dead Batteries.- Batteries begin to lose their charge when the alternator starts to fail, because it is the alternator which is responsible for keeping them charged. How to tell if the problem is the battery or alternator? It is very easy: when a colleague jump starts your truck from his battery, remove the cables and wait. If the truck then turns off, the alternator is failing. But if the truck is still on, the problem is the batteries.

Loose connections or broken alternators.- Electricity is transported through cables and connections that may reduce or stop energy. The truck generators produce alternating current, but truck lights require direct current to operate, so the rectifier changes the direct current to alternating current. Without this component, the electricity generator cannot be used. ETM


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