Be a company driver or an Operator Owner?

Be a company driver or an Operator Owner?

We started a new year full of optimism and with the confidence and trust that we will achieve our personal goals. For that reason, we encourage you to take decisions at the beginning of the year and not regret later on for not having done it in time or have the eternal doubt of "what would have happened if...".

Being a driver has certain disadvantages, starting because you will earn less money, you will drive many hours and you will work hard for a company, instead of working and seeing the fruits of your effort in your bank account. The cost of having a truck parked for a company is very high, for that reason in some places you will have to change trucks, cleaning what others did or having problems on the road because the other driver damaged the vehicle and did not report it.
Many times, besides driving while carrying the loads, another stretch of driving awaits you to get home, because the terminals of many companies are in remote locations. Another disadvantage is that the trucking companies have passenger policies and do not allow you to carry passengers. If you are an independent owner operator, you are who decides that. 
As a driver, you will have to handle and drive what they give you. As an owner operator, you can choose the model, color, brand, whatever you want and also put the elements you like in your truck and expressing your style.

If you decide to become an owner operator, you will have to work the same or more than you do now, with the difference that you will be doing it to bring more money home. We admit that being an owner operator is not easy, requires discipline and be organized with expenses. If you get it, then you will have success in your hands.
Another important factor to be successful as an operator owner is to know how to choose which company to work with. Ardwin Freight, is one of the best companies in Southern California and also offers financing for you to buy a truck without credit verification.

Our company is focused on owner operators; we do not have a single truck company, with the purpose that the competition and the distribution of the loads is done in a fair way.

Here at Ardwin Freight we treat the owner operator with respect, something that unfortunately is difficult to find in this industry. Call us at (800)927-8153 for more detailed information about our financing program for purchase and the work we offer.


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