Attention Truckers: New Year, new truck with California’s help

Attention Truckers: New Year, new truck with California’s help

This incentive comes, mostly, from the program Cap-and-Trade of the state of California. From the collected money from companies that are exceeding the California’s set limits of carbon emission, around $663 million, the Air Resource Board will allocate $398 million for the clean trucks program. 

This incentive is part of California’s plan to push technologies and electric trucks in order to decrease the damaging consequences and effects of diesel emissions. This funding will make possible for many fleet companies to buy clean natural gas trucks or electric trucks. 

Currently, the price of electric trucks is between 20 to 30 percent higher than diesel trucks. With California’s incentive, which in part will also be related to tax and sales exemptions, the price difference will be reduced and will probably encourage fleet companies to opt for a green tech truck instead of the traditional diesel vehicles.  

The laws in California are in favor for cleaner truck emissions. Actually, by 2023, it’s expected that only the trucks that meet or exceed the 2011 diesel emission standards could be registered in the state. At the moment, approximately a quarter of the 950,000 trucks registered in California meet the cleaner truck emissions criteria. Most are diesel engines vehicles. So, buying a clean truck is a great opportunity. 


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