Attention truckers, do you know what women want in bed?

Attention truckers, do you know what women want in bed?

Sexual intercourse has a similarity to driving; there is an initial difficulty with getting a driver's license, learning and memorizing all road signs and rules. But once all this information is mastered, the road can offer very passionate trips and with sex it can be the same way, by learning what a woman wants in bed you will drive her wild under the sheets.

It should not be considered that all female behavior patterns can be applied to your partner, because women are different. But, if you know the basic manual about of how to treat her in bed you will have a great help.

1- She is not an object
There are men unconcerned with the foreplay, are pending of their own satisfaction and deals with sex on the autopilot. Forgetting that there is another person present and she is not a doll. Truckers, make your partner feel desired and enjoy the moment, do not become sex a selfish pleasure.

2- If she doesn’t want to, do not insist
There is nothing more annoying for a woman to justify why she does not want to do something specific in bed, either with a sex play which she feels uncomfortable or to practice unprotected sex. If she says she does not want it, you have to respect it. Dialogue is the best solution for any problem.

3- Orgasms for both
Both have to reach the climax in sex; it's not just a one-person thing. Trucker, if you are a good lover you will take care of this. What matters is the intention, it may not happen in all sexual encounters, but the mere fact of worrying about the satisfaction of your partner, will make you sexier.

4- Good communication
It is essential to have some communication during sex, regarding what you are enjoying or not. If sex is practiced in silence, it can become something mechanical. It is not about a super talk, but a spicy conversation.

5- Do not ignore the foreplay
They are essential to stimulate a woman. Trucker, if you dedicate the correct time to the foreplay, exploring the erotic zones of partner’s body, she will thank you. She will be stimulated and enjoying much more sex and you too.

6- Try new things
Women can get bored with sexual routines, so if you both agree, you should try new things in bed, such as a new position, a new place.

7- Being close to each other after the orgasm
Trucker, take a few minutes to simply hug your partner or be close to her. This gesture will only benefit you.


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