This disorder has been much commented in recent times, especially with regards on how it can affect the transportation industry and truckers. But do you really know what it symptoms and what impacts does it have on the trucker’s life?


We would like to share information about this condition that according to a study performed by the University of Pennsylvania affects around 28 percent of CMVs’ drivers.


What is Sleep Apnea?

It is a disorder that result in difficulty to breath during sleep and can cause brief interruptions of breathing, which can last 10 seconds or more and can be repeated 400 times during one night.



• Sleep disturbance

• Heavy snoring

• Nausea and headaches during the morning

• Erectile dysfunction

• Suffocation or gasping during sleep

• Loss of sex desire

• Frequent urination during the night

• Memory problems and lack of concentration

• Extreme daytime drowsiness

• Depressed feeling and/or irritation


Risk Factors

This disorder can be developed by both sexes and in different ages, but some factors can increase the chances:

• Age 40 or older

• Small upper airway

• Ethnic background

 •Family history related to sleep apnea

• Large neck (16 inches or larger for women /17 inches or larger for men)

• Cigarettes and alcohol consumption

• Obesity

• Small jawbone, overbite or recessed chin


How can Sleep Apnea be diagnosed?

Your family doctor should send you to a sleep center for tests. It is possible that you need to sleep one night there, while experts monitor you.


Can this disorder involve your driving?

If you do not sleep well, that your performance and state of alert is affected during the day. If the sleep apnea is not treated correctly it will be harder to focus your eyes, have quick reactions and even staying awake while you drive. Those factors can easily contribute to an accident.


What do you have to do after being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea?

Your doctor and you need to get in contact with the medical examiner to figure out and qualify your fitness to drive a CMV and receive treatment.


What level of this disorder disqualifies you as a trucker?

  • driving can be interfered from a moderate to severe level of sleep apnea.


What are your obligations as CMV’s driver with Sleep Apnea?

It is crucial to receive the full treatment provided by doctors. That will be the best opportunity for you, CMV driver with sleep apnea, to keep your job and drive safe.


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