Are female moans feigned or is it a habit

Are female moans feigned or is it a habit

According to a study performed by scientists from the University of Leeds and also from the University of Central Lancashire, both in England, most of the moans produced by women during sex are feigned. More than one trucker will be disappointed to know this information, because the tendency is to believe that we are machines in bed and that these moans are triggered by our great performance under the sheets.

71 heterosexual women, sexually active between ages 18 and 48 participated in this study by answering questions about the sounds and moans that are emitted during sex and when and why they use them.

The researchers found that it is very common for women to fake their moans during sex, as 4 out of 5 women reported that they moaned at least half of the times they had sexual encounters and failed to reach orgasm.

If those moans are not for pleasure, why do they do them? For women, both moaning and saying spicy words after some time having sex, aims to convince their sexual partner that they have reached an orgasm, rushing their partner’s climax. Accelerating the sexual process, either because she is tired, she is bored, she feels some kind of discomfort and not because she is really in the high point of her sexual arousal.

Research has pointed out that, unlike what many men may think, pre-sexual caresses are much more promising to produce a real orgasm for a woman than the actual act of sex.

So, truckers, if what you are looking for in a sexual relationship is that you both make the most of this moment of intimacy, the key is in the communication, asking what your partner like, without being ashamed to speak and discover together what gives pleasure to your partner. But also prolonging and enjoying together the period before sex, with many caresses, kisses and touches, leaving the woman much more excited and prepared for a sexual intercourse.

In this way, when seeking the couple pleasure and that both enjoy 100 percent of the sex, every time you return to your home, your wife will want those sexual encounters and surely will be waiting with much more desire and sexual tension than ever.


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