As usual it’s a pleasure being able to write to you. My goal is that all Owner Operators comply with all of the Department of Transportation’s regulations. At this time, I would like to talk about a problem that I have been seeing a lot these days, and that is causing an issue at the scales at the time of inspections.

When an Owner Operator (O/O) is leased to a company, the Company obtains plates and IFTA under the company name and gives it to the O/O who paid for the plates under his name. But if you look at the actual registration, at the bottom of the Cab Card  it says: “Company Responsible for el USDOT”, and it shows the name of the company that he is leased to.

What happens if the O/O is not leased to that company anymore? If now he works for another company, now he is leased to a different USDOT number and the number on his door is different than the number on the plates. The O/O will argue that the plates are his because he paid for them, and yes, he did pay for them but another USDOT number guaranteed them.

The same thing happens with the IFTA stickers: they belong to the company he was leased to.

To avoid all problems at the scale at the time of an Inspection, the O/O must do the following before you start working for another company: You must send another Schedule “A” to the DMV/IRP telling them that you are not leased to the old company and you want to change the USDOT number on your registration.

After that, they will send you a new registration showing the name of your new company in the bottom right corner of the registration. The IFTA stickers that you got from your previous company will not be valid anymore, so you must get new stickers from the company you are leased to.

Worst case scenario, in a level 3 inspection at the scale, they will tell to pull over until you change the USDOT on your plates and obtain a new IFTA sticker, they don’t allow you to move and you have to call your boss and tell him to send another tractor.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 9093903656Carlos Alarcon.


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