An Alliance to Fight Cargo Theft

An Alliance to Fight Cargo Theft, a transportation management provider, has partnered with CargoNet to avoid cargo theft from weighing down the industry anymore than it already has. The new alliance was formed with the intent to not only enhance the quality of information shared but to also optimize their reach and maximize their audience. Sonny Smith, the assurance services director at the company, explained how they plan to revamp general content on their website related to transportation industry alerts: “This collaborative sharing of information will promote a much higher degree of awareness and help achieve a mutual goal of educating and protecting the industry.”   

CargoNet runs an online national cargo theft database. In tact with a fleet of crime analysts and experts on cargo theft, they also manage a system for sharing information with the mission to eliminate fraud and speed up recovery time. CargoNet’s goal is to aid its members by increasing their chances of recovering lost goods by providing support, deterrence mechanisms, and an open-ended line of communication between law enforcement and theft victims. CargoNet’s system increases the efficiency of a cargo theft task force via analytical functions and case management. By equipping law enforcement with extra training and investigative support, both companies are optimistic their new partnership will help prevent future cargo theft.


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