Aggressive, Fraudulent or Deceptive Marketing Guidance

Aggressive, Fraudulent or Deceptive Marketing Guidance

I often get calls from new owner operators saying: Why am I getting all these unwanted calls and solicitations since I registered my company with the FMCSA?
The FMSCA is aware motor carrier officials and new entrant applicants often receive confusing and misleading solicitations from service providers and third party administrators by phone, e-mail, text, and U.S Mail. These businesses are able to get your company’s information when you submit an application or update your information because your basic carrier information is publically available. However, the services offered by these companies are neither authorized nor endorse by the USDOT or FMCSA.
The FMCSA receives many complaints regarding aggressive or fraudulent marketing and other questionable activity. These people either implied or said they calling from the USDOT when they are not.
Many of them even have names that are similar to the USDOT/FMSCA and often have web sites posted on the internet that strongly resembled official government web sites.

The FMCSA does not:
• Contact Carriers with automated calls or other automated telephone solicitations
• Request credit cards by phone
• Charge a fee for downloadable forms found at
• Conduct unwanted or misrepresented solicitations that resulted in a compliant and have led to investigations by the FMCSA and law enforcement officials
• Use PayPal or any other form of electronic payment.
Take action against fraud:
1. If you have been a victim of fraud or experienced a loss, please report the crime to Law Enforcement.
2. Report any compromised banking or credit card information to your financial institution or credit card company.
3. If you will like to report a fraudulent request for information to the USDOT, you can do it here:
Before doing business with a service provider, make inquires through: The Better Business Bureau:
Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection:
Reduce your risk by visiting:
Further information can be found at:
If you need further assistance or were a victim of fraud, which cost you a considerable amount of money or damages, give me a call and I will personally look into the problem and try to help the best way possible. Remember, the USDOT and the FMCSA do not ask for money for any matter.

Call me at 909-390-3656 with any problems. If you receive a call and you are not sure if it’s valid, write down the phone number and subject they are calling about, then call me and I will let you know. Carlos A Alarcon. Transportation Consultant Ontario, CA 91761 909-390-3656. To read or share more articles visit


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