Accidents at Truck Stops

Accidents at Truck Stops

How pleasant is the feeling of taking the exit of the freeway that will lead us to the Truck Stop to enjoy a delicious meal and take a comforting rest after a long and exhausting day of work. Sounds relaxing right? Well, do not relax too much, friend; A large percentage of tractor-trailer accidents occur in truck stops, yards and parking lots. These accidents are due to drivers lowering their guard or being very tired after a long day on the road. The volume of heavy traffic in these places and the low visibility are added to the difficult maneuverability.

Some of these accidents occur when the drivers miscalculate the space to make their trailer turn correctly. Usually, parking lots are full of people who come and go. They seem to feel tiredness or relaxation and are not alert to traffic. These areas are of course filled with trucks and cars. Please remember that it is your responsibility to watch over them. Be very alert to pedestrians and other drivers who may appear unexpectedly in front of you. It is important that, as a professional driver, to keep in mind that these areas are the perfect place for an accident. Protect yourself and your vehicle by following these tips.

Getting into the truck stop or parking lot: Avoid any type of distraction, use the correct entrance, drive at a safe speed, turn on the lights and turn on your emergency lights and watch constantly around you.

Parking lot: Park in well-lit places, do not park at the end of the line. Park in places in a straight line and close your vehicle properly.

Moving backwards: Eliminate distractions and do not move back unnecessarily. If possible, use some guide, as a reference. Avoid moving backwards to the side of your blind spot, be alert watching everything around you.

Before leaving: Do the pre-trip inspection of your vehicle and finish everything you have to do before starting the vehicle, such as talking on the phone, checking your paperwork, adjusting the radio, etc.

We hope these recommendations are useful and you keep them in mind to avoid accidents that could cost you a lot of money, because they could have you without working for a long period of time until the insurance follows the claim procedures and repairs the damages.

Have a nice day and a safe trip.


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