On the 17th March 2014, the FMCSA launched a Smartphone application that displays the safety data of all carriers. This means that anybody can now see your percentile on the points that matter most: Logbook, maintenance, driver fitness (including license and insurance), and all your safety ratings including crashes. All they have to do is enter your USDOT number and they will know everything about your safety compliance, finding out if you are a good and safe driver or not.

This app will be used by different people, such as insurance brokers, freight brokers, shippers and anybody who is interested in doing business with you. All of them can now see your safety performance and your CSA scores with this app.

For a long time, I have been advising you about keeping a good score because now everybody can see the safety status of your company. For example, if your safety scores on any given matter (it could be logbook, maintenance, driver fitness or anything that is public) goes higher than 75%, you are considered unsafe by definition. Therefore, insurance companies might not renew your insurance, shippers and carriers will not give you any cargo, and you will be inspected at a higher scale rate than the carriers who have good scores.

Please don’t take this matter lightly, it is a serious issue and you don’t want to be put out of service, nor denied insurance and have to work extra because you didn’t do what you were supposed to.

Keep your equipment in good working condition (no oil leaks and no loose clamps), make sure that all the lights are working and don’t drive for more than 11 hours in one day. Go to sleep right on the 8th hour of driving for at least 30mins, as this is mandatory. Do not carry unauthorized passengers, make sure that the logbook is updated every time you stop (not when you finish the trip), and remember that the USDOT has zero tolerance when they score your safety analysis.

I receive calls every day from different people asking me about how they can lower their CSA scores. My answer is very simple: there is nothing you can do. Those scores cannot be changed or modified so they will only go down with the time if you do not commit any more violations.

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