Since more than a year ago, Ardwin Freight began a program financing trucks and we feel proud and pleased to have the opportunity to have helped many make their dream come true by becoming an owner of an operator, and helping them drive safe trucks.

This program is ideally for those who will become first time truck owners, for those who do not have good credit, and for those who do not count on a big down payment. Our financing program only requires $7,500.00 for a down payment, two years of road experience, and an acceptable driving record for insurance. WE DO NOT RUN YOUR CREDIT SCORE. To qualify for this program we only care for your experience as a driver.

A lot of the people who have bought their trucks though Ardwin Freight program have told us they had tried other dealers programs but, because they were new drivers the dealers asked for an unattainable down payment and on top of that exaggerated interest rates making them give up. For those who had bad credit, as you can imagine the requirements were much worse.

We make the process easy for you. We help you find a truck and even give you a job. Ardwin Freight will give everyone permits, insurance, and plates to allow you to work. All you need is a down payment of $ 7,500.00 to buy your truck!

Another important factor for which many are discouraged to buy a truck is because they don’t know where to work. Ardwin Freight is a company with many years of experience in the transportation business within eleven western states (whichever you choose) with a fleet of owner operators. We believe that having a fleet of 100% owner operators has been the key to growth that Ardwin Freight has had during recent years. We do not have forced dispatch offices; we offer free parking with security, a free inspection program for preventive maintenance, fuel cards with excellent discounts on fuel, weekly paychecks, direct deposit to your bank, and much more.

Ardwin Freight wishes to invite you to visit or call us at 1(800)927-8153 to explain in detail the proposal we have for you which has helped many people make their dream of becoming an owner operator come true.


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