A Fourth of the Bridges in California Require Repairs

A Fourth of the Bridges in California Require Repairs

A nonprofit transportation group (TRIP) based out of Washington, D.C found that a quarter of all the bridges in California require major renovations or an upgrade altogether. According to their findings, 17 percent of the bridges are not suitable for use. Another eight percent of bridges in the state were deemed structurally deficient and required some repairs as well. A crash resulting from one of these bridges could cost you medical and emergency expenses, time and salary, among other things, which is why when coming to these findings the group largely considered the safety factor.  

TRIP’s report finds that on top of expenses required to operate your vehicle, California drivers are losing an additional total of $18.3 billion every year from driving on roads that are in need of repairs. Traffic and roadway congestion is another problem costing Californians $28 billion in fuel and lost time and, by the time it reaches 2030, the cost to operate your vehicle is expected to jump 15 percent. The group determined, with an economy evolving around quick access and mobility, the quality of the state’s transportation system has an important role to play in California's economic growth and quality of life.


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