9 sex benefits for the trucker’s health

9 sex benefits for the trucker’s health

In addition to making truckers feel good, sex can be very beneficial for their health in the following way:

1- Reduces blood pressure

Different studies have shown that a reduction in systolic blood pressure, the maximum value of blood pressure by contracting the heart, can be related to having sex.

2- Increases the libido

It is a relationship of Cause and Effect. The higher frequency of sexual encounters will lead to sex being better and therefore, the libido too.

3- Reduces the chances of having cancer

Truckers who have a sex routine will reduce the chances of having prostate cancer. According to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the man who ejaculates at least 21 times in a month is less likely to develop cancer.

4- Minimizes the risk of a heart attack

Having an active sex life is good for the truck driver's heart, because sex increases the heart rate and also keeps testosterone levels balanced. According to studies, it’s much better to have a high frequency of sexual intercourse, such as twice a week, to reduce the risk of dying from a heart disease.

5- Excellent source of physical exercise

It does not replace the practice of traditional exercises, such as playing soccer or swimming, but it can be counted as exercise because it burns around 5 calories per minute during sexual intercourse. When having sex, the truckers will be using several muscles and accelerate their heart rate which leads to feeling healthier.

6- It is a good remedy for pain

If something hurts, have sex with your partner. According to a study conducted by Rutgers University, orgasms block pain because it releases a hormone that helps reduce ache.

7- Helps fight stress

We know that truck drivers are more relaxed when they are with their partners. They will feel less anxiety and stress. It’s true that by touching, kissing, and hugging their partners will make them both feel good and raise their self-esteem and happiness. These are infallible ingredients against stress.

8- Improves the immune system

If a truck driver is sexually active, the chances of getting sick decreases because their immune system is strengthened since more antibodies are generated with this practice. The trucker’s body will be more protected against germs and viruses.

9- Helps with rest

Prolactin, the hormone responsible for relaxation and drowsiness, is released after an orgasm. This will help the trucker sleep faster after a sexual encounter.


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