With winter around the corner, we can begin to notice drops in temperature, which means flu season is about to begin. We know that a truck drivers’ health is extremely important for them to work in good conditions. Although there is no infallible prescription for fighting the flu, there are some treatments that can relieve the symptoms.

Common causes of contagion:

  • Exchanging Saliva
  • Inhalation of the virus
  • Contact, through the nose or mouth, with objects that are contaminated

If you have exemplary health, the flu can last between one and two weeks. But if you are not healthy, a simple flu can get complicated and become a serious pneumonia. We recommend that you adopt some measures to prevent the spread of the flu virus:

  1. Wash your hands regularly - Take the opportunity to wash your hands every time you arrive to a truck stop. This will help you to eliminate any virus that you may have had contact with your hands.
  2. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet - If you have a well-balanced diet, your body will thank you. Bring fruits with you in the truck, especially those containing Vitamin C, such as oranges and mandarins.
  3. Try not to smoke - Smoking is a great ally of the flu.
  4. Ventilate the environments - Whether you're in the truck or at home. Let the air circulate around the room for a while.
  5. Avoid enclosed places - You will probably stop to eat at a restaurant on your way, there will certainly be a cluster of people and possibly viruses. Try to reduce the time you spend in the place.
  6. Do not expose yourself to drastic changes in temperature - If you are going to get off the truck to unload a cargo, or put gas, remember that you must cover yourself properly, especially in the area of ​​the nose or chest.
  7. Try to sleep well - It is imperative for having your body regenerated and to keep up your basic functions and defenses.
  8. Get Vaccinated- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend people to get vaccinated once a year against influenza, commonly known as the flu. Vaccine protection becomes effective within 2 weeks after being vaccinated. This vaccine can reduce flu symptoms and prevent hospitalizations associated with this disease.


Take care of your health and remember that for a better diagnosis you should visit your family doctor.


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