7 health purposes for truckers this 2018

7 health purposes for truckers this 2018

This new year we have the opportunity to leave bad habits behind and recover from the excesses from the end of the year. Maybe you have tried to follow our recommendations, but you have not resisted and with so many events with friends and family you have exceeded yourself.

Now you need to return to your trucker routine, need to be in a good shape and enjoy good health. Therefore, we will give you some tips that can help you:

1- Plan your meals
Forget the myth that to lose weight you should not eat. That's not healthy. Establish routines in your diet, don’t be 8 hours without eating. Eat every 3 or 4 hours. We know that the trucker’s routine changes according to his daily loads and changing of hours and it isn’t possible to plan a healthy lifestyle.

But, while you are on the road you can mentally plan your schedules, when you’ll stop to eat, when you’ll have a snack, etc. Always bring fruits, nuts, almonds, peanuts and healthy snacks in the truck.

2- Drink a lot of water
It’s the most suitable liquid to help cleanse toxins from your body, which were ingested through the highest consumption of alcohol and fat and caloric foods at Christmas celebrations. It’s recommended to consume between 2 and 2.5 liters per day. Always carry a bottle in your truck.

3- Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates
Try to limit them to specific meals during the day, such as when you need more energy, like breakfast. Opt for the so-called good carbohydrates, such as oatmeal. And if you are one of those who need to eat bread, eat wholegrain bread.

4- Consume more grain
It’s excellent for your digestive system and can be obtained through vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, flaxseed and chia seeds, oats, wheat, vegetables and brown rice.

5- Practice physical exercise
It’s advisable to do moderate exercise during 1 hour per day, 6 days per week. This habit can reduce your chances of a heart attack by 50%. Walking in the truck stop is a good option.

6- Sleep well
This phrase sounds difficult especially for truckers who drive in the interstate. If you don’t sleep at least 8 hours per day the hunger and anxiety hormones, called leptin and ghrelin, will be affected. And you’ll end up eating more than you should.

7- Do not consume alcohol
It will be better to forget to drink that beer after driving all day, because drinking will retain more liquids and you’ll not lose weight. It’s time for your body to rest and not have to burn the calories of what you have drunk.


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