10 tips for truckers on how to overcome a separation

10 tips for truckers on how to overcome a separation

Sadly some truckers face breakups in their love relationships. The causes may be different, but surely the truckers’ lifestyle and routine can influence it. If unfortunately you are living this situation and you don´t stop thinking about it on the road, we will give you some recommendations:

1- Accept your feelings

Analyze your emotions and feel sad if you need to, don´t pretend that you don´t feel anything. Because a separation means more than losing a partner, you also lose your lifestyle off the road.

2- Take care of your body and yourself

Neglecting will not help in anything; that can be even worse for your self-esteem. Eat and sleep well and practice exercise when you are traveling and back home. If you take care of yourself, you will help heal this wound and also distract yourself.

3- Do not fall into the excesses

Don’t drink excessively when you are out of duty, because the solution to your problems is not in the alcohol. And the consequences for this behavior can be very damaging.

4- Do not harass your ex

This thought shouldn’t even cross your mind as it’s not the way to overcome a breakup and can have serious legal consequences.

5- Surround yourself with people who support you

It’s important to keep close to you people who can help you through this moment. Could be someone to share your feelings or for keeping you distracted. Enjoy the company of your trucker friends.

6- Seek professional help

Don't be prejudiced against therapies with a psychologist, because what we aren’t able to tell to close people, we can do it with a professional. And that's a great exercise to heal your wound.

7- Restore your identity

Take advantage of this forced situation to make the changes you have always wanted, since the coexistence as a couple didn´t allow you. For example, accept a job proposal to drive in another state, change your image, etc.

8- Open your heart to a new relationship

If you meet someone you like, don´t fear going through the same situation again. People are different and you must allow yourself to love again.

9- Don’t go crazy if your ex rebuilt her life with another person

It can be difficult to deal with this, but it will probably happen. So you must prepare yourself mentally to not affect you, taking your happiness away. It will hurt, but you will overcome it.

10- Time is the best remedy

It seems easy to say, but day after day will help you overcome the pain and fully live your new life. Be strong, because it’s possible to overcome it.


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